About SBB1

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About The Show


How do I vote?

The eviction and twists are voted by you for FREE, there will never be a charge for voting if you would like to vote for a housemate press the 'VOTING' Tab and a poll will appear. Read the poll title clearly as it could be a 'VOTE TO SAVE' or 'VOTE TO EVICT'

You will be voting in the poll based on numbers, for example, Sallie will be down as number '04' and Markus will be down as number '07' The nominated housemates and numbers will appear next to the poll for you to easily direct in the poll.

I can't see a highlights show?

If you can not see a certain show on the homepage of Sims Big Brother this may mean that the show has not yet been published or is due to air... Be sure to check the highlights shows though the order and see the last latest show to be published. You could have clicked 'Day 23' and the show is only on 'Day 8'.

About Sims Big Brother

Sims Big Brother is based on 'real reality show' Big Brother. This version of Big Brother is set on PC Game The Sims  2, 3 & 4 and interactives with the live audience from home (YOU)

Highlights will be uploaded every day depending on the season days can change and the length of the season can be shortened or made longer depending on the popularity of the show. The Housemates cast is not based on real life people although, in future, there will be a charge to submit your housemates to the team and be picked to enter a season.

How do i complain?

The highlights show may contain conversations, arguments and diary room entries that you may not agree with and this is OKAY to disagree with however the show is based on the reality show and the show is purely for entertainment purposes.


We can not promise that an episode can be removed or edited to sure it is not shown or aired, for example, if an argument is started over a debate and swear words are not what you agree with and highlights appear three days later of a conversation about that debate we cannot remove the debate argument from the highlights as it would confuse viewers on what is happening when it is raised in a few days in the highlights. If you want swearing cut down we will take that on board and use that for later episodes or seasons. Just press the Contact page at the top and tell us the reason why.

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